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note to self: i’ll be there for you, always

written june 6, 2021. Photo by Kristine Cinate on Unsplash I have always looked for myself in other people. I think the idea was that they would somehow hold the pieces of me that I felt were missing. That maybe, if I wrapped my identity up in theirs enough, we would somehow make a whole person. It's not healthy to live like this, but I did it anyway — burning through relationships and searching for something I couldn't quite name. It was never enough, not to be myself, but it was never enough to latch my identity to other people, either. I got close, several times — I thought I had reached the pinnacle of self discovery. I thought I had completed myself. But in the end, relying on other people to help build yourself is never a viable way to do things. It's only recently that I've started to become comfortable with the idea of being enough, as I am, on my own. Several years ago, in this same position, I would have searched for another person to attach my identity onto,

iSwish {Day 21: Something I Do Differently}

day 1: a favorite song.
day 2: a favorite movie.
day 3: a favorite book.
day 4: a favorite television program.
day 5: a favorite quote.
day 6: a moment you wish you could relive.
day 7: five things you couldn't possibly live without.
day 8: a thank you letter to someone who has changed your life.
day 9: a photo you took.
day 10: a photo of you taken over ten years ago.
day 11: a photo of you taken recently.
day 12: a song that you want played at your wedding(or was played).
day 13: a guilty pleasure.
day 14: a vacation you would like to take.
day 15: a person you admire.
day 16: a song that makes you cry.
day 17: an art piece.
day 18: a time when you felt passionate and alive.
day 19: a talent of yours.
day 20: a hobby of yours.
day 21: something you know you do differently than most people.
day 22: a website.
day 23: a way in which you want to be remembered.
day 24: a movie no one would expect you to love.
day 25: a recipe.
day 26: a childhood memory.
day 27: a physical feature you love.
day 28: hopes, dreams and plans you have for the next 365 days
Um, seriously? I hate to break it to you, but... I'm different.

I'm homeschooled. I have chronic pain. And the best part? I'm not of this world.

Buuuut... I'll go with it.

I'm about to make a big confession. Ready? Ready? Wait for it...

I swish my milk when I drink it.

Yes, it's true. *hides face* I swish. It's gotten to the point where people look at me funny when they hear me swish. No matter what I'm drinking, I always have to swish it a couple times before I swallow.

So there ya have it. Brutal confessions from the girl behind the computer screen.


  1. *cracks up* That was unexpected! Wow. That's funny, I don't like swishing my milk, but I'll swish my water sometimes. :-)


  2. Haha, that's pretty neat!!!!! I don't usually do that...unless I take a sip of water before bed. I dunno why....*winks* We all have some pretty weird quirks, I guess!!!!


  3. Ahh! That's so random! Milk kindof grosses me out, therefore your confession kindof grosses me out, haha! But if it were anything else besides milk I wouldn't be grossed out. Then it's just funny and random :D

    ~Lauren :)

  4. Haha!! That's pretty funny! I wasn't thinking you were going to put anything like that :) I drink almost everything through a straw and/or with ice.


  5. haha!! I do that with soda, always! =D xo.

  6. Are you serious?! I don't normally drink milk, but when I do, I swish it! :D

    Swishing it makes it more fun to drink. Especially when it's chocolate milk. Mm... All those little bubbles of chocolate syrup...

    Love and Hugs!

    PS: I think I'm going to call you Skylie. :) A combination of all the names I know you by. Oh, and we should have some bacon... Lovely, crunchablely delicious bacon... Mmm.... :)


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