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note to self: go outside

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." —  Henry David Thoreau credit My phone died recently. Not like died because of its charge — permanently died. I'm not the only one whom this has happened to, I'm sure, and this isn't a complaint. Rather, it's an observation on how different the landscape of my life has been without it. I've been reading more, watching more TV, doing less doomscrolling. I found that I've missed my phone a lot less and simultaneously a lot more than I expected. And I've been noticing a difference in my mental state. My mental health is, apparently, linked in part to the device I hold in my hand 99% of the time. Who knew? However, it's still been challenging lately, for more reasons than just my phone, and my sister invited me to go outside with her. Th

Beautiful People: Valentine’s Edition

Greetings, writerlings!

February is the month of Valentine's Day. To celebrate that, we've themed Beautiful People with couple-y questions. I personally can't think of a better way to spend Valentine's Day than getting to know our characters. Pick a couple of yours and grab some chocolate (or treat of your choice), then answer these questions!

But first, you might be wondering...

What is Beautiful People?
Beautiful People is a blog meme hosted by myself and the ever-awesome Cait @ Paper Fury. Every month, we post ten questions to help you get to know your characters better. They can be elusive and enigmatic, but we hope every question we post brings you closer to the answers about your wonderful beautiful people (your characters). 

How do I join?
Just jump in! Snag the questions, post them on your blog, and come back to add your link! I also recommend checking out the posts of the other participants. It's a great way to make new friends.

Please also give Cait and I a link back--whether through a regular link, or these shiny blog buttons (feel free to steal the one at the top of this post as well!):

And now, feel the love... with these questions!

  1. How did they first meet?
  2. What were their first impressions of each other?
  3. How long have they been a couple?
  4. How committed/loyal are they to each other? Would they break up over a secret or a disagreement? Could stress drive them apart? Would they die for each other?
  5. List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)
  6. Does anyone disapprove of their relationship?
  7. What would be an ideal date?
  8. What are their personality dynamics? Similar? Contrasting? Do they fight a lot or mesh perfectly?
  9. What have been their best and worst moments together as a couple?
  10. Where do they see themselves and their relationship in the next few years?

How's writing? Are you doing anything for Valentine's Day (OR GALENTINE'S DAY?!?) Let me know in the comments!


  1. I am so doing this. I love the idea!

  2. Well, it's a Sunday. So I'll go to church, probably go over to my parents'house to use the internet, get tired, go home, and nap or read. Basically my normal Sunday. Or I'll cook - I like to cook on Sunday afternoons. I've never felt the need to do anything for Valentine's Day - I've always been a really solitary girl! What about you?

    I did the BP, and here's the link if you want to check it out:

  3. For Valentine's Day, my sister and I are going to be doing a blind date with a book. We're each going to wrap a book or two from our own shelves and then give them to the other person, and then we're going to sit down and read our books straight through and it's going to be great fun.

    As always, these are such great questions, and I had a lot of fun answering them. :) Thanks for co-hosting the link-up! :D

  4. I don't have a blog, but I love to write. Would you mind if I put my answers to the Beautiful People tag in the comments? :)

  5. I did it, but the link box isn't working for me for some reason. :/ Here you go:


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