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note to self: go outside

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." —  Henry David Thoreau credit My phone died recently. Not like died because of its charge — permanently died. I'm not the only one whom this has happened to, I'm sure, and this isn't a complaint. Rather, it's an observation on how different the landscape of my life has been without it. I've been reading more, watching more TV, doing less doomscrolling. I found that I've missed my phone a lot less and simultaneously a lot more than I expected. And I've been noticing a difference in my mental state. My mental health is, apparently, linked in part to the device I hold in my hand 99% of the time. Who knew? However, it's still been challenging lately, for more reasons than just my phone, and my sister invited me to go outside with her. Th

My Top Picks

These are my top picks in the order of which I like them the most:

Top 10 Girl Names
1. Hannah
2. Elizabeth
3. Abigail
4. Rose
5. Emily
6. Tiffany
7. Jessica
8. Faith
9. Kathleen
10. Lilly

Top 9 Boy Names
1. Ryan
2. Matthew
3. Wiilliam
4. Michael
5. Ethan
6. Joseph
7. Peter
8. Zachary
9. Ben

Top 8 Favorite Colors
1. purple
2. turquoise
3. lime green
4. pink
5. blue
6. red
7. yellow
8. black

Top 7 Favorite Things to do
1. read
2. write on my blog
3. play outside
4. play video games
5. watch movies
6. do crafts
7. draw

Top 6 Favorite Animals
1. tigers
2. horses
3. cats
4. hamsters
5. dogs
6. eagles

Top 5 bloggers (that I knew when I wrote this, no offense to anyone)
1. narniagirl2006
Kylie's Klubhouse
2. Steve Walden
Walden's Wits
3. Gena Suarez
TOS publisher
4. CrazyAboutMonkeys
Crazy About Tinkerbell
5. LaLa
LaLa's Pink Palace

Top 4 friends (not on the web)
1. Amanda
2. Hannah
3. Abbie
4. Isabelle

Top 3 movies
1. Narnia (duh!)
2. Princess Bride
3. Incredibles

Top 2 Favorite Foods
1. ice cream
2. kielbasa pasta

Number 1 Person
1. Jesus!

Wow! that was long! soon I'll tell you some books I think you should read.
Oh, have you voted? 12 more days! (if you already have, please don't vote again.
BBFN (Bye-bye for now)! Kylie

on October 19th, 2006
Dear Narniagirl, my favorite Character in Narnia is Mr. Beaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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